Five stop signs for Facebook marketing

A few days back I got a frantic call from an ex-intern. He had moved on to work as the social media executive for a mid-sized publishing firm. He was facing a piquant work situation where his boss, the business owner had his own perception of how Facebook operated and was frequently chastising him for not ‘generating enough likes’.  

My young friend had been Read More

3 Rules to generate leads via content marketing

Lead generation through content marketing is like going to Siberia. Everyone knows where it is but only a few manage to reach there and even lesser manage to survive it. That being said, today . Read More

Using LinkedIn Posts to promote your business

LinkedIn Post is a facility provided by LinkedIn where a subscriber could post articles and view points and have it read, shared and commented upon by his followers. Unlike the normal status update posts . Read More

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  Do I…??

  Simply put, yes you do! 

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7 mistakes brands make when doing BTL

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Marketing Recipe

Let’s be clear - Sex sells!  Part #1

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Creating a website that sells your company

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Pacing for Pitches and Presentations

Pacing for Pitches and Presentations

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5 steps to better PR for your business

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Is Facebook marketing bad for businesses?

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