LinkedIn groups is a community of likeminded professionals from the same industry or interest area coming together. Today there are over 1.8 Million groups on LinkedIn which make it an extremely powerful tool for networking. Before you jump in and try joining all 1.8 Million groups, bear in mind that LinkedIn restricts members from joining more than 50 groups. Like every other social media, users tend to abuse groups and as a Read More

Five stop signs for Facebook marketing

A few days back I got a frantic call from an ex-intern. He had moved on to work as the social media executive for a mid-sized publishing firm. He was facing a piquant work . Read More

10 B2B Marketplace pegs to hang your global business on

Every entrepreneur has a secret wish, a wish he mostly keeps within himself for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at by his peers. That’s the wish that he could become a . Read More

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Does My Small Business Need Content Marketing?

  I’m a Small Business.  I don’t need content marketing. 

  Do I…??

  Simply put, yes you do! 

  . Read More

5 B2B Marketing Lessons learnt over 5 months


Customer acquisition in the B2B setting has the ultimate motive of converting prospective customers into paying customers through longer and specific involvement. I received a hands-on experience on . Read More

Ten tips to building a B2B social media presence

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7 mistakes brands make when doing BTL

Below-the-line is an all-encompassing term that is often vilified and mostly used to describe almost anything that doesn’t fall under mainline advertising, digital marketing.  This is especially true in India where . Read More

New To Content Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know

Ingrid had finally done it.  She’d built her website, set up her social media profiles and launched her blog.  The taste of success was hers, right? 

Uh, . Read More

6 signs to tell you that you need a new agency

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Advertising the Advertising Agency

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4-step rule to selecting the right marketing service provider

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3 Rules to generate leads via content marketing

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6 reasons to outsource your digital marketing

Today is the era of Do It Yourself (DIY). The internet has provided companies, especially small business’s the degree of freedom to do literally everything themselves. SaaS firms have started offering business . Read More

Using LinkedIn Posts to promote your business

LinkedIn Post is a facility provided by LinkedIn where a subscriber could post articles and view points and have it read, shared and commented upon by his followers. Unlike the normal status update posts . Read More