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1MalawiUSD 900.00

Arkay Plastics a leading brand name in the manufacturing and retailing of plastic products in Africa is looking for a complete website redo in line with their business focus of addressing both home and business segment. Tentative budget is $900/- For any follow up queries please send mail to pm1@agencyonent.com

2IndiaINR 300000.00

Agencyonnet is looking to hire a mid sized PR agency for its India PR activity. Budget is INR 300,000. This is a short term assignment. contact pm1@agencyonnet.com for more details.

3IndiaINR 1.00

BOP Group is looking to hire an experienced Digital Marketing or Lead Generation Agency to generate leads for its mixed use realty property. Budget is to be indicated by the agency.View detailed brief and for any clarifications you may send an email to the id provided in the brief.

4IndiaINR 1.00

An Indian subsidiary of a US company is looking to hire a Digital Marketing Agency for a comprehensive digital work which includes SEO, SEM and Social Media Management. The budget is open and agencies are expected to quote basis scope of work. For clarifications please contact pm1@agencyonnet.com. Happy Pitching!

5IndiaINR 1.00

A US company in the healthy lifestyle snacking segment is looking for a Digital Marketing Agency out of India to manage their SEO, SEM, and Social Media work. The Budget is open ended and the client would like the agency to quote basis scope of work. For queries contact pm1@agencyonnet.com. Hurry. Apply Now!

6IndiaINR 1.00

The client is a renowned online fashion brand based out of Mumbai looking to launch its new collection in the coming months and looking for a photography service provider from Mumbai for the same. For any further details, drop a mail to pm1@agencyonnet.com.

7IndiaINR 1.00

The client is looking for a Digital marketing agency which has capability of generating leads.The agency is expected to generate 150 odd leads per month for the project, using any digital marketing tools including SEO, SEM, E-mail, online advertising etc. The agecy is expected to specify the cost per lead in their proposal.For more details on the project, please write in to pm1@agencyonnet.com

8IndiaINR 1.00

The client is looking for specialized content writers to generate a consistent series of white-papers, blogs, case-studies, Infographics, profile/stories etc. Since they are looking to generate the same across multiple geographies they are interested in hiring global as well as local talent for their requirement. The subject matter experts/content writing agencies need to send in their profiles, explicitly etching out their domain expertise and the outputs they can deliver and also quote the price charges for the same. The client is open to hiring individual subject matter experts also for different industries depending on the level of knowledge they possess. For further info contact pm1@agencyonnet.com

9IndiaINR 1.00

The client is a renowned online fashion brand based out of Mumbai looking to give a fresh look to the website from the creative and usability point of view. They already have a CMS in place, hence their requirement is purely for design/creative inputs and not the technology part(backend). For any further details, drop a mail to pm1@agencyonnet.com

10IndiaINR > INR 1000000

The client is looking to hire the services of an experienced BTL/Kitty party agency to conduct a series of Kitty & Home parties over the next 3 months for one of its clients in NCR Delhi. Budget is INR 15,00,000/- This is an urgent requirement & will be closed by August 10th. For any queries send mail to pm1@agencyonnet.com

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